1 Surprise In Modeling That Makes Me Scrunch My Nose

Not having your work used. Blargh! Now I know lots and lots of footage is shot either for print or videos (commonly heard on set "one more for safety") but all be damned if it doesn't chap my hide knowing all the work I did was thrown on the cutting room floor.

Last year was my official jump into modeling. I did things from a toy commercial, a Halloween commercial, dog grooming tools, etc. Most of my work was through an agency but I also spent hours online looking for work.

I took part in a music video in the summer with two other women. It was a really chill shoot and fun to visit another studio and meet other creatives. The music video was released last fall and none of the footage shot that day was used. - sad trombone -

I'm absolutely not criticizing the work of the musicians and producer. They chose what worked the best for their vision and that is fabulous. I'm just being pouty.

Tomorrow is a new day and one that I hope brings some more modeling work!

#modelling #work #model #career #professional

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