The Best Advice for Newbie Models

In my long modeling career *snicker* I've had countless opportunities to learn. Sometimes I learned the hard way by making mistakes both large and small. Unfortunately for me, those are the things I remember the best. Other tidbits I've taken in:

  • Make small adjustments for print - no giant head turns or weight changes - subtle is the name of the game

  • Shimmery highlighter that I love to wear - no good for film. Matte all the way

  • Hitting your mark can be ridiculously stressful and difficult

  • Sides-Script-Copy. The script you get is "copy" and your lines are "sides." I think I sounded like an idiot up until I learned this one. And, as expected, knowing this solved a lot of confusion

Cool. That's like tips and tricks, not advice. I'm getting to that part - I'm setting the scene (see what I did there). I came into modeling with no experience and no knowledge. Along the way I have been lucky enough to connect with some amazing professionals in the industry from makeup artists, models, photographers, casting directors and agents. I've gotten advice on many things too - it's a really tough industry to get into, you might not make it or have what it takes - be flexible and directable, take directions and follow them - let yourself have those thoughts following an audition and then let them go.

Those are all excellent pieces of advice. Ready for the best one? We can sit and make a pros and cons list, find reasons to not do anything, convince ourselves it isn't worth the stress and make excuses. That is the easy way out and a real bummer. No risk, no reward. It is absolutely a gamble to be a model in an industry whose standards change before the ink is dry. We cannot control what a client is looking for or who is a favorite.

We can control our actions. Screw the fear. I still have a voice in my head that makes me doubt my decisions. "You won't get this gig because you choke at auditions." "Why did you wear those shoes? That was a dumb choice." "They said casual and professional and you show up in something else." "How can you not put on a ring like a normal person?" Screw that nonsense! Fear can shut it's stupid face.

Believe in yourself. What have you got to lose? If anything, you gain yet another experience and knowledge. Even if you don't get the gig, you've succeeded. You tried. Go after the next one and the next one and so on and so forth. If you feel that you lack a certain skill, learn it. Remember the days when the internet wasn't around and you'd have to wait for your parents to bring you to the library on the weekend? Now getting information is easy peasy though you may have to comb through incorrect info and fluff. Talk to people. Reach out. Ask for help.

It may take monumental effort to go from "nope, not doing it, you can't make me" to "I AM KICKING ASS AND DOING THE THING!" But you can do it. Take one step and use the momentum. I believe in you!

Try. Make an effort. Take action. Do the thing. Stop hesitating and go for it!

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