3 things I learned about networking

1. It's not AS scary as it seems. Maybe it's the fact that the 3 people I've spoken to thus far have been friends but it was still daunting to start the conversation. It is hard to ask others for favors when I feel I have nothing to give back except a lifetime of gratitude.

2. DO IT! Waiting for the right time was the worst game plan of my life. Now is the right time! I've said goodbye to my 20's and why the hell did I wait until now to go for what I want? I was afraid and didn't have the knowledge. My career coach helped me see that, with some hard, dedicated work, I can do this!

3. Have a game plan. Or as my coach said, an agenda. I have a one-page sheet where I typed up questions (some from a google search, some recommended by my coach) and listed a handful of agencies in the cities. I'm going old school and printing it out. ...and keeping it in my spiral-bound planner.

Zorro doing his best "professional networking" look.

#networking #modelling #tips #professional #careerchange

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